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We believe in art and design to fit your home and life. 


​​The Art House is a salon-style gallery, event space and creative incubator. 


​​We exhibit local talent; emerging artists from leading arts institutions and nation-wide cultural hubs; blue-chip artworks by living legends and the stuff that art history is made of. 


​​Original artwork, limited editions and artist-designed objects are for sale, alongside a curated selection of antique and speciality items, from a variety of styles, mediums and period.


​​We aim to make the world of art and design approachable, accessible, and appreciated.  


​​We are your daily culture fix and your go-to source for independent and confidential art advice and services.  


​​We offer a lively roster of pop-up exhibitions and trunk shows, artist, designer and collector events, trips to art-worthy destinations and the ability to soak in the energy of the space for your very own private gathering.


​​Whether you love the buzz of the big city or the natural splendors of the coast—or both— you have a home at the Art House. 

Our founder is Elizabeth Piazza — art advisor, curator, collection manager and USPAP-compliant appraiser.

  • ​​Elizabeth is the president of Piazza Fine Art, a full-service art advisory and appraisal firm serving a global clientele of artists, collectors, galleries, non-profits, museums, businesses and corporations.

  • ​​PFA specializes in objective advice on the acquisition or disposal of all fine and decorative art and confidential certified appraisals, compliant with both USPAP and IRS guidelines for all purposes, including insurance, estate tax and planning, donation, damage or loss, family division, and art as collateral.

  • ​​Prior to founding PFA, Elizabeth spent over 5 years as the New-York based director of a $1BN+ global private collection of blue-chip contemporary art and design objects where she became well-versed in the international art trade; regularly negotiating the purchase and sale of artworks with top dealers, galleries and auction houses; handling all aspects of commercial and residential collection management and care such as shipping, insurance, examination, installation, conservation, and framing; also coordinating exhibitions, donations and loans with renowned museums, artists, art fairs and curators.

  • ​​Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Art History and French from Villanova University, cum laude; an M.A. from Christie’s Education in Modern Art, History of the Art Market and Connoisseurship, magna cum laude; and a certification in Appraisal Studies of Fine and Decorative Art from New York University. Elizabeth is a circle member of ArtTable, the national leadership organization for women in the arts and an associate of the Appraiser’s Association of America. Elizabeth previously served as juror of the Christie’s Emerging Artist prize, fundraising chair of the New York Junior League, and was a founding board member of NJ MoCA. She is the art auction co-chair for the Junior Women’s Association of the Golden Isles, and serves on the boards of Glynn Visual Arts, as co-chair of the Brunswick Mural Project, and CASA Glynn.


With strong family ties to the Golden Isles going back to the 1930s, Elizabeth and her husband Bradford moved in 2018 to this special place where their marriage began, “under the oaks,” trading in the city streets for a Southern state of mind and a special place to raise their growing family.


​​The Art House was founded in 2019 as an extension of Elizabeth’s established international appraisal and advisory practice, Piazza Fine Art. The Art House goes beyond the typical confines of a gallery's walls by offering a range of all-encompassing lifestyle, curatorial and appraisal services for her clients, which run the gamut of private collectors, interior designers, international hoteliers, blue-chip galleries, and museum collections. 


​​Elizabeth aimed to create a space that sparked energy and opened the door to creatIve possibilities; a place where her clients could feel comfortable with their needs and dreams; and at home with their sensibilities. 


​​Each artwork and object found in the gallery is hand-selected by Elizabeth with an exquisite attention to detail and an eye for quality and connoisseurship, honed over many years of curating appraising, and advising in the fine art world. 


​​So that you may find…

​​Art and design to fit your home and life.


Whether you are a seasoned aficionado, or totally new to the art world, the Art House treats every interaction as an important part of your art collecting story. 


​​We work with individual art collectors and appreciators to customize their art collecting and appraisal needs.  We make sure every client's art journey fits their taste, budget and portfolio, while keeping each work properly cared for and protected for future generations. We consider our artists our greatest partners.  We work hand-in-hand with aesthetes, designers and event planners to create one-of-a kind spaces filled with unique fine art and design. We look to satisfy every need for our corporate clients of local, national and international renown including hospitality groups, investment banks, and insurance companies to give them the best independent investment and collecting advice. We work side-by-side our museum and non-profit partners to exhibit and provide the best art programming imaginable. We are deeply entrenched with community causes and projects for a better art world, and world of art.



Art Collectors, Appreciators, Artists


Local Businesses, National and International Corporations, Insurance Companies, Banks, Lawyers, Art Galleries, Interior Designers, Hoteliers


Museums, Non-Profits,
Community Projects


Interested in learning more about The Art House?



The Art House works with individual art collectors and appreciators to customize their art collecting and appraisal needs.  We ensuring every client's art journey fits their taste, budget and portfolio, while keeping each work properly cared for and protected for future generations.  



The Art House stands alone as a gallery offering a variety of art, design and specialty items for sale, a creative and collaborative space that hosts a range of programmed and private events, and headquarters for the broad spectrum of fine art related services we offer.

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