The Art House stands alone as a gallery offering a variety of art, design and specialty items for sale, a creative and collaborative space that hosts a range of programmed and private events, and headquarters for the broad spectrum of fine art related services we offer.

Andy Avini

​​Jean-Michel Basquiat

​​Marcel Broodthaers​​

​​Jeremiah Jossim

Christy King

Yves Klein

​​​Jeff Koons


Yayoi Kusama

Dashiell Manley

​​John McAllister

​​Julian Opie​​

Meredith Pardue

Giussepe Penone 

​​Enoc Perez

​​Tessa Perutz

Michael Birch Pierce

​​Ettore Spalletti

​​Mollie Sims

​​Daniel Smith

​​Suzanna Toole

​​Guy Yanai

​​Andy Warhol




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